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a cat — en katt. a fish — en fisk. a mouse — en mus. a hamster — en hamster. a rabbit — en kanin. a rat — en råtta. a guinea pig — ett marsvin.

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In this gallery, Swedish Birds, all birds are sorted in groups based on the current IOC taxonomy. I considered just focusing on animals that are native to Sweden, but come on, then we wouldn’t learn the word for lion. Or tiger for that matter. I’ve also included a few words relevant to animals and pets. Good luck.

Fredrik Dahl, Swedish University First confirmed observation in Sweden in early responses of native species.

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In Swedish only. Mosquitoes Learn Swedish with! Here at, we've discovered the easiest way for you to learn Swedish You may bring without permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture reptiles and amphibians provided that you have a maximum of five animals and that they travel with you or your representative. The animals may only be brought to Sweden through border inspection posts at Stockholm-Arlanda, or Gothenburg-Landvetter.

Swedish Nature Conservation 100 Years ISBN 978-91-620

Amphibians found in Sweden include eleven species of frogs and toads and two species of newt, while reptiles include four species of snake and three of lizard.

Come on now. Sweden has a rich connection to Botany. It was a Swedish citizen, Carl Linnaeus, who began the development of the system used to classify plants and animals while a student and, later, a professor at Uppsala University. Today, Sweden is still known for its coniferous forests and rich variety of flora and fauna. Whether you prefer to meet these animals through the lens of a camera by yourself, or join an expedition, the opportunities to meet wild Swedish animals abound in Jämtland Härjedalen. Moose. The King of the Forests is one of the animals in Sweden that carries somewhat of a celebrity status.
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Swedish native animals

Sweden is a great place if you are interested in wildlife. Besides moose, reindeer, deer and various birds, which you can spot without too much effort, Sweden is also home to predators such as the bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. Huldra (or called Tallemaja in Swedish) is a troll-like woman living in the woods. She is fair and beautiful, but wild and has a long cow-tail which she hides behind her back upon meeting a human.

And tell us what kind of pet you have or what your favorite animal is in the comments below.
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Herbarium GB collaborates with a number of national and international institutions whose aim are to Swedish Species Information Centre. Such an 'early warning' system is essential to mitigate invasive species." The original Wallenberg grant in 2015 brought Seb to Sweden from his native South  We feed them their natural food source which is moss that is picked in the summer. It´s really a fantastic experience to come this close to wild animals. After  Sweden's National Day – the origins. Das Fest fällt Lucia Day – a feast of candlelit processions, saffron buns, mulled wine and talking animals.